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Simply awesome Photo Booths for Weddings

Hiring photo booths for weddings is money well spent and should be high on the entertainment agenda as a must have for any budding couple. Not only is it a great “Ice-breaker” for the 2 halves of the family and friends attending, but also allows your guests to keep a photo memory of your special day. We have some of the most stylish booths in Cape Town and they are sure to fit in with any decor theme chosen. We also have a wide range of photo booths, both open and closed style. So, no matter how small or large the wedding venue is we can pretty much guarantee space will not be a problem.

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What is the best time to hire Photo Booth for weddings?

The timing will largely depend on your planned agenda and when you intend to hold the ceremony. By far the most popular time is at the wedding banquet. This is the period when your guests are fully relaxed and are ready to have some fun. Tip.. Try and have the booth’s operational time scheduled after the formalities and speeches. Most people will want to hear the speeches, so they will make less use of the booth during this time!

The 2nd most popular time Photo Booths hired for weddings is during “Canape’s”. This is usually the time when the wedding couple disappear to get their photos taken. This is also probably the most awkward period of a wedding! Having been involved with quite a few weddings, we see most cases the two sides of the family and friends have hardly made acquaintance. Yet it is during this period where they are thrust together, usually for the 1st time. Hiring a photo booth to run during this period can also be the perfect Ice Breaker!

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Things you should think about!

  • Size of the intended floor space for the photo booth area. Be aware! PhotoBooths for Weddings create attention and crowds of people will want to stop and watch the fun. The ideal size is 3m x 3m, but can be smaller. The guests will stand approx 2m away facing the booth.
  • Intended position of the booth and prop table. Does the position allow easy access to the photo booth? Will the use of flash disrupt your guests?
  • Where will the power point be in relation to the photo booth? Our photo booths for weddings come standard with an 8 meter cable and we carry an extension lead up to 20m. Try to have power as close as possible to the photobooth!
photo booth photo hired at a wedding
  • Do you intend to have a custom backdrop for the special occasion? The ideal size should not be less than 2 meters (H) by 2 meter (W). Choose our “Standard Package and we include a plain white banner wall backdrop!
  • Do you intend to have a guestbook for the photos and your guests to leave a message? If so, then try and have a dedicated area, separate but close enough to the photo booth area. We can provide guest books or additional assistants for the control of this area.
  • Will the Photobooth set-up time clash with any activities? Our standard set-up time is 1 hour before the operating time. There is no noise! Most of the photo booths for weddings booked have ben ok with this. Please discuss with us should you require a special set-up time.

Photo Booths for weddings include customised photo prints! These are designed to your specifications, and the perfect thank you gift for your guests. We offer a great range of photo templates to choose from, including the popular duplicate 3 pose strip prints. These are just perfect for a wedding as it allows your guests to keep one, whilst the other goes into your guest book. Your guests will be amazed with our fast instant printers, and will receive their touch dry photos within seconds. Further more, all our Photo booths for weddings include a professional friendly assistant.

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